Wednesday, July 21, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Ladyjacks Announce Hiring of New Assistant

Just a quick post here to make sure you read this article over at the official SFA VB website. Today Coach Humphreys announced the hiring of Assistant Coach John Critzer who comes to Nacogdoches from the College of William & Mary. There is no need to repeat details as Ben has an excellent write-up in the link above.

Critzer has a math degree, so I'm sure that will be one of the first things I chat with him about.

Recall that an assistant coaching slot was opened earlier this summer when Erin McClanahan headed to the greater Dallas area to teach and coach at Lovejoy High School.

The 2nd and then 3rd and final posts looking at the head coaches in the SLC will continue this week and next week you'll get to take a gander at interviews with Senior Laurel Kuepker and Junior Melissa Miksch.