Monday, July 27, 2009

Welcome to!

You've made your way to a blog site devoted entirely to Stephen F. Austin State University Volleyball. This isn't an attempt to repeat what is done at In fact, I know all those people and work with them. If you follow us here at without visiting the official site of the 'Jacks, then you're missing out on a ton of great information.

The goal is to bring you just a bit closer to the action. I am the public address announcer for Ladyjack Volleyball. I sit right off the net at every home match. I'm right there on top of all the action. While you can't sit that close, [and while I'm certainly not passing you the microphone I speak through!], it's my goal to connect you to SFA Volleyball and hopefully make you a more committed and more informed fan. Let's be clear...we don't just want you a fan by way of the internet...we want YOU in Johnson Colesium creating the home court advantage our team deserves!

Clearly, this blog is in its infancy. We will be adding photos, video, RSS Feed, interfacing with Facebook and Twitter - all the things that can keep you informed and connected to the Ladyjacks as they go through the 2009 season.

We'll have interviews with coaches and players, opponent profiles, thoughts on upcoming and recently completed matches and the occasional "road trip" -where we blog live from road matches or even conference tournaments. We''ll keep you informed of happenings from around the Southland Conference. You'll get quick hits and short bits of info about the team a couple times a week during the season. We'll update you in the offseason as well so that you can continue to foster interest in 'Jacks volleyball all year round. Of course, as with any blog - you'll get your chance to comment on the things I write and analyze.

We're here to support the Ladyjacks - plain and simple. Whether you are a student, parent, Nacogodoches resident, prospective recruit or just a fan looking for more'll want to follow us and be back here often. SFA SFA Volleyball's STRONGEST Presence on the Net.