Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SLC5: Updates on the Teams in the East

The audio file below is the first installment of SLC5 which is an acronym representing a "five" minute segment discussing Southland Conference volleyball teams other than SFA. Our main focus here will ALWAYS be SFA Volleyball, but the little subtitle above this article does say that we are bringing you courtside with Ladyjack AND Southland Conference Volleyball. I've wanted to expand my coverage of other teams for several reasons. First, it gives SFA fans a look at the opponents that we will face during the last half of the season. Second, and rather amazingly to me... there is genuine interest at various places around the league in such coverage. Coaches at several schools have been very supportive of this blog as has the conference office. Fans and parents of athletes at other schools have also commented to me about reading material here and I have enjoyed conversing and e-mailing with them because they give me a well-rounded perspective of teams outside of Nacogdoches. The Southland Conference Volleyball site does provide a lot of information, but the majority of the stories posted there are actually from the individual schools' websites. So, here is what SLC5 does: Oh, wait.. by the way.. the "5" is just a placeholder. Some of these audio segments aren't five minutes long, but rather 7 or 8 minutes or something. See, "SLC5" just sounds and looks better than SLC8minutesand37.89seconds. So, most will be "around 5 minutes" but the point is that they are short. Now, here is what SLC5 does: You want info, but you are focused on your school or your favorite players. What I do is read all the conference websites, read all the stats, form some opinions based on what I have read and the conversations I engage in and then summarize it all for you. It's like "Cliff's Notes" for Southland Volleyball. You can listen to these audio files and get up to date without having to read the full 12 websites or pour over pages and pages of stats at the Conference website. Most of the content in SLC5 is factual summary, but occasionally you may differ with an opinion provided here and there. That's OK, the goal is broad coverage and stirring up interest around the league. I'm not claiming exclusivity here, but I am probably one of the few people that does read all 12 websites and pour over stats. Now, I am not trying to keep you from driving up the web traffic on those athletic websites, I am just doing the leg-work for you and putting my own spin on it so that if all you have is five or ten minutes here and there, you can still be informed about the entire conference. This first installment focuses on the teams from the East side of the conference: Northwestern State, Central Arkansas, Nicholls State, McNeese, Southeastern La., and Lamar. I am starting here since our conference opponents this week are from the East. Tomorrow, I will post another SLC5 file that addresses info on the teams in the West. Plus, you get two bonus interviews tomorrow: One with Sam Houston head coach Brenda Gray and another with Bearkat outside hitter Carli Kolbe. Both interviews are great and full of insight and interesting info. We'll always cover SFA first. But, enjoy this look around the league: