Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Interview w/ UCA Head Coach David McFatrich

This interview was done about an hour before the UCA/SFA match last Saturday in Nacogdoches. I also had questions for Jessica Hays, but she did not make the Huntsville/Nacogdoches trip due to injury. We wish her a speedy recovery and rehabilitation.

I also want to thank several UCA parents who expressed positive remarks about the blog either after the match or in recent days by email. As I have continually said, I am completely surprised more than say.. 3 people.. read in this space. When I started this three years ago, I knew it was small potatoes. It still is, but it is always positive to meet new people and share in volleyball discussions with folks all around the league.

We will have an SLC5 installment this week and I will also be sending out interview questions via Facebook to Maddie Hanlan, Sabrina Burns and Allison Gideon this week. Look for those discussions to get posted in early October. Two additional posts on more general topics are also in the works. We'll continue to pump out two to three posts per week all during October and November.

SFA Fans: Look for a new addition in Shelton Gym when you get back in there October 13 for the match against Texas State. That's all I'll say about that. I don't think you'll miss it.

Finally, I will be travelling to Huntsville next Wednesday. Expect some form of a live chat for the match against Sam Houston State.