Thursday, November 21, 2019

Links to All Interviews Done at 2019 Southland Volleyball Tournament

Links to all interviews done during the 2019 Southland Conference Volleyball Tournament:


VIDEO:  Debbie Humphreys of SFA
VIDEO:  Corin Evans of SFA

AUDIO:  Ann Hollas of SFA
AUDIO:  Maddie Miller of SFA
AUDIO:  Danae Daron of SFA
AUDIO:  Ariana Pagan of SFA


AUDIO:  Brenda Gray of Sam Houston State
AUDIOCatherine Krieger of Sam Houston State

(Unfortunately, the video interviews with Debbie Humphreys & Corin Evans of SFA did not properly process and had audio failures.  Insert sad face here.)


VIDEO:  Xariah Williams of SFA
VIDEOChloe Simon of Texas A&M - Corpus Christi
VIDEOHannah Brister of Northwestern State

AUDIOBreanne Chausse of Sam Houston State
AUDIO: Alexis Warren of Northwestern State
AUDIO: Sean Kiracofe of Northwestern State
AUDIO: Debbie Humphreys of SFA 


AUDIO: Jodi Edo & Jeremy White of Southeastern La.
AUDIO: Abbie Harry of Central Arkansas
AUDIO: Marissa Collins & John Newberry of Central Arkansas
AUDIO: Taya Mitchell of SFA