Monday, November 18, 2019

Coming Later Today: 11th Annual All-Conference Teams

By 11:59 PM on Monday, November 18, the 11th Annual All-Conference Teams will appear in this space.

To review the selection process and take a look at my 2018 teams, you can click here.  This is always one of the most - if not the most viewed post of the year.

Keep checking back in this space Monday night and keep an eye on twitter for the announcement that the lists have been posted here.

I'll see everyone at the tournament this weekend.  As always, I'll have audio and video interviews going all weekend long with players and coaches.

My Southland Confererence Digital Network assignment for 2018 is to handle all of the matches on the first two days.  Please introduce yourself if you are a fan from one of the eight teams that will be playing.  I'll be in the gym all day so feel free to catch me between matches for a chat.

Catch all the action in the first two rounds on the Southland Digital Network and the final on ESPN+.  You can also check out the Southland Conference Apps for your digital device.