Saturday, November 17, 2012

Southland Conference Tournament, Day 2

Continuing coverage of the Southland Conference Tournament.  Today we've got two matches the first of which will feature #6 seed Oral Roberts against the #2 seeded Bearkats of Sam Houston.  Updates on this first match will flow below.

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Live Chat for SFA vs. UCA will begin approximately 30 minutes after the conclusion of ORU/SHSU

Saturday, 12:52 PM
Postmatch interview with ORU head Coach Sheera Sirola posted.  Click the link above for all SLC Tourney Interviews

Saturday, 12:34
And there it is.. ORU with the sweep.  We've talked about this.. a team in the #3-6 seed getting hot and polishing off a high seed.  ORU has been my dark horse and they definately came to play today.  A very, very impressive match from the Golden Eagles.  How about SFA do the same and we have a 5/6 final with the Ladyjacks vs. ORU.

Saturday, 12:29 PM
Sam Houston battling in the 3rd set had things even at 15, but once again at about the same spot in the set, ORU making a push behind a tremendous effort from Sadie Schaffner with at least five kills in the set.  ORU in position to get a sweep, which I just would not have seen coming.  ORU up 22-17.  Let's see if SHSU can force it to game 4.  ORU needing just three side outs

Saturday, 11:59 AM
It was one minute before noon on a cold day in the middle of Arkansas and on that day...


ORU up two the half.  Playing out of their minds.  Sam Houston is going to have to pull what SFA did last night against Northwestern State.  ORU wins Set 2, 25-21.

Saturday, 11:54 AM
Wow.  Once again the serve receive goes bad for Sam Houston state at a critical time in the game.  ORU now first to 20 again  after a big kill by Sheina Fernandes and then two straight reception errors by the Bearkat back row.  ORU leads 21-16.

Saturday, 11:50 AM
Wells-Gibson getting on track a little here in the middle of the second set.  After a miscomunication by Pancrats and Silva, a serve hits Silva right in the face and Sam Houston was able to tie it up.  Wells-Ginsn with at least four kills in the set.  Let's see if SHSU can make the push and tie it up at the half.  ORU leads 16-15.

Saturday, 11:45 AM
Gotta tell you, man.. I like this ORU team.  I mean, really like this club.  They are playing strong at the net and have Sam Houston back on their heels.  The defense is incredible.  Silva digging everything, Pancratz blocking and getting a few thunderous kills here in the 2nd.  They are an exciting team to watch.  Clearly, the have a ton of talent.  I don't think Sam Houston is just going to roll over here, but after a little run sparked by big defensive digs and strong kills at the net by Pancratz and Fredeen, ORU leads in Set 2, 13-10.

Saturday, 11:31 AM
Down the stretch in Set 1, the serve receive went bad for Sam Houston and coupled with too many attack errors was the difference.  The Bearkats made a mini-run at the end of the set but it was too lttle too late as Oral Roberts took Set 1 25-19.  A highlight and very emotional point at the end of the set featured a rediculous dig by Bruna Silva that floated back over the net, over the block and into the back corner for an ORU point.  Silva also serving well down the stretch.  The Dark Horse Rides.  Watch out.  ORU isn't going to make this easy for the #2 Seeded Bearkats.

Saturday, 11:26 AM
Wells-Gibson not able to get much going in Set 1.  ORU doing a good job of keeping up the block.  SHSU got a spark with a big Tayler Gray block and then an ace by Jamie Haas, but two straight attack errors by Wells-Gibson leads to a Brenda Gray timeout and ORU is up 18-14 looking to take an early lead.

Saturday, 11:18 AM
As expected, a tight start between ORU and SHSU.  One thing I notice right off is that ORU gets a ton of touches, if not blocks, at the net.  They are such a strong defensive team.. Sheina Fernandes playing well early getting kills with both power and touch shots and mixing in a pair of blocks  ORU also feeding Schaffner on the right side good bit.  Sam Houston not able to get everyone on offense integrated yet.   ORU leads 12-8.

Saturday, 10:54 AM
Just about ready to roll on Day 2 of the SLC Tourney.  This first match should be war.  SHSU, my pick for the final from Day 1 against my dark horse, Oral Roberts.  The last time these two teams met was in Tulsa and it went to five sets with the Bearkats winning 3-2.  The 5th set went to 21-19.  Most people I have talked to place that match along with SFA's five set match against UCA as the two best regular season matches in the conference this year.  And here we are on the second day of the tournament and those two matchups will repeat themselves.  Should be a good one.  Let's see who gets out to an early jump.