Monday, November 19, 2012

SLC Interview Link, Voting for All-Tournament

As a wrap up of the 2012 Southland Conference Volleyball Tournament, I will leave up this page for a few days linking to the seven interviews that were done during the tournament.  Click the link below to listen to day by day interviews with coaches and players from around the league

CLICK HERE for 2012 SLC Tourney Interviews

In the spirit of full disclosure, which I believe is important to maintain my role and a level of integrity among the league, here is the 2012 All-Tournament Ballot that I filed at the match.  I was allowed to vote for the All-Tournament Team as a member of the media:

My Ballot for All-Tourney:

(1) MVP : Jessica Hays, UCA
(2) Marissa Collins, UCA
(3) Sheina Fernandes, ORU
(4) Jill Ivy, SFA
(5) Jessica Nagy, UCA
(6) Shelbee Berringer, UCA

The announced offical all-tournament team consisted of the first five that I voted for and ORU libero Bruna Silva.

I'll add more comments about my thinking in casting my ballot later today or tomorrow. 

Congrats to UCA and ORU.  And again, I thought SFA represented themselves very, very well.  All in all, I believe we gave the tournament champions their toughest test.  More comments in a day or so...