Monday, August 23, 2010

Predictions for 2010

You will recall that last year I predicted the 2009 squad would be 22-12 overall and 12-4 in conference play going into the Southland Tournament. The team finished exactly 22-12 overall before tourney, but I missed the conference record by one game as we went 11-5. In case, you need proof, you can click here.

Without any delay, the short n' choppy post of 2010 predictions:

Record Prior to SLC Tournament: 20-11
Conference Record: 11-5

SFA wins the Drake Tournament

Postseason Honors: Owens, Bottles, Hanlan, Gideon all at least honorable mention SLC with one of the above on first team and one on second team.

Most improved for 2010: Sabrina Burns

Freshman With Biggest Impact: Leslie Jackson early, Monica Pannone late

SFA leads the conference in blocks per set

What we'll wish for: Just one more lights out attacker on the left

Watch out for: 10/06 at SHSU and 10/14 at UTA

SFA's Biggest Win: Won't come in the regular season, but in the SLC Tournament

Final Prediction: The SLC tournament is going to be wild...really wild...with at least one game that will be viewed as a massive upset.

That's all. Let's revisit this in November, OK?

Waco on Friday!! If you can't be there live, then join Ben Rikard and I as we use the "Cover It Live" software to bring you an in game live chat for all our matches. Can we go now? I am really ready to see the club play. This tournament is going to be a challenge right out of the gate as SMU and especially Baylor look to be particularly strong. Baylor went deep in the NCAA's last year and by all accounts, a good 2009 SMU squad may be a tad better. Should be good volleyball at the Ferrell Center.

From talking with Debbie Humphreys today, it appears that we'll get a good look at the newcomers in various positions and schemes throughout the weekend. I am all for that. The quicker they get the feel for what NCAA Division I Volleyball is, the better they'll be for conference play.