Thursday, November 19, 2009

Live Chat Friday at 6:30, Running Commentary During Day 1 of Tourney

Just a real quick post to let readers know that I will be doing two things tomorrow in San Antonio that you might take some interest in. First off, during the matches leading up to ours at 6:30 I will be providing diary style running commentary. Every so often during the day Friday I will log on and post reactions and commentary to things going on courtside at the Convocation Center. Jog by and check up on the happenings to stay plugged in and prepare for our match at 6:30.

Once we get to game time, you will want to switch over to the
Volleyball Home Page at . There, Ben will have set up our live chat window and you can follow along with Ben and I as we chat live during the match with fans, parents, friends and anyone fortunate enough to wander in the chat room! You can even stream along with the action over at AND join us for the chat.

You've got no excuse! There are plenty of ways for you to be right there in the middle of the action even if you can't join us all in San Antonio.

Right now, I am still in Nacogdoches and planning a 5:00 AM departure early in the morning. So, its time for me to get to bed early because we've got a FULL day ahead of us tomorrow. Plus, it looks like rain, so hopefully the drive won't be bad and we'll be dry and comfortable inside the Convo.

Axe 'Em Jacks!