Thursday, November 16, 2023

2023 WAC Tournament Quarterfinal Match Live Updates

 Set by set recaps for:

(7) California Baptist vs. (2) Grand Canyon

(6) Tarleton vs. (3) UTRGV 

and (5) Utah Valley vs. (4) UT-Arlington

will appear in the space below as a running transcript during the day:

5) Utah Valley vs (4) UT-Arlington

Set 1:

Caleigh Vagana gets an early block on UTA's Puckett and UVU leads 3-1.  Vagana then gets a kill and another block, this time on Reagor and UVU has built an early 6-3 lead.  UVU with all the early momentum behind the home crowd.  Lead built to 10-4 after a double contact called on Brianna Ford.  Timeout UTA.

Ford gets blocked by Vagana, who has been dominant at the net in Set 1.  UVU leads 13-6.  UTA is making too many attack errors, many off of UVU blocks.  The Mavericks are hitting negative for the set.  Vagana gets another block on Ford after Ford tried to kill and overdig on her own attack.  UVU leads 17-9 and Vagana has three blocks.

Utah Valley on a 3-0 run on kills by Tori Ellis and Kendra Nock followed by a UTA miscommunication by setter Blank and Reagor in the middle.  UTA takes their 2nd timeout of the set and UVU leads 18-9.  Looking like a runaway first set for the Wolverines.  Not at all what the Mavericks wanted in front of this crowd.

Utah Valley hitting .474 compared to just .125 for the Mavericks.  Utah Valley way ahead now 20-11.

UTA just can't get any stops against the Wolverine's offense.  UVU scoring at will. UVU with 15 kills and hitting over .500 in the set now.  Set point UVU.  24-14.

Ellis gets the final dagger of Set 1 after UTA got two points near the end of the set.  But, no matter.  UVU runs away with Set 1 25-15.

Set 2:

UTA starts Set 2 better.  Ford gets two quick kills and the Mavericks grab an early 5-1 lead.   Reagor for UTA gets a kill after Cuff for UVU was denied a happy birthday kill.  But, then Cuff comes right back with three straight kills for the Wolverines and they erase the early Maverick lead and force a UTA timeout.  UVU 10, UTA 9 as UVU is on a four point run.

The Mavericks HAVE to find some way to slow this Wolverine offense down.  Hailey Cuff has seven kills, Ellis also has 7 and Nock has five errorless kills.  UVU literally scoring at will, hitting .423 for the match now.  They lead 16-12 in Set 2.

UT-Arlington aced twice in a row by libero Lani Matavao.  UVU now up 18-12 and UTA in danger of being down two sets at the half if they don't go on a run quick!

Utah Valley first to 20 despite two straight kills by UTA's Jalie Tritt. UVU with only four attack errors in the match.  They lead 20-15. Shewell aces Ford and UTA is being dismantled.  UVU up big with many set points to play with at 24-15. 

UVU up 2-0 as they really have run away with both sets.  UT-Arlington can't slow their offense down.

Set 3:

Tied 5-5 early in Set 3.  Ford with a kill and a block assist early on, but then goes to the jump serve and hits one ten feet out of bounds. UTA starts off hot on offense in the set and gets kills on six of their first seven swings.  UTA leads narrowly, 9-8. 

Can UTA be first to 15?  They get first to 10 on a Brianna Brown kill.  UTA 10-8. The Maverick offense is blazing in this set.  Reagor gets a kill and UTA is 9 for 11 with no errors in the set after Tritt chips in.  UTA leads 13-10. Nock and Shewell get back to back kills to bring UVU to within one.  Jalie Tritt gets her 11th kill of the match to give UTA the lead 15-13 at the media time out.   It still feels like UVU has the edge with all the energy in the gym.  Will be real interesting to see if UTA can be first to 20 after being first to 10 and 15. 

UTA rolling a bit after UVU loses a challenge on a touch and then a Nock error.  UTA leads 17-13, their biggest lead of the set.  However, UVU gets three straight points on a Kaela Kennedy kill and then Brianna Brown of UTA makes two straight errors - shooting one shot long and then another into the net.  UTA takes a timeout with just a one point lead now.  UTA 17, UVU 16.

UTA finally in position to win a set.  Up 20-17 after Utah Valley plays a ball that would have gone long.  But the rally continued and Ford and Puckett get a block.  UVU forced into a timeout down four after a Brown kill for UTA.  Jalie Tritt having a great match.  She's at 12-1-20 (.550).  UTA 21, UVU 17.

UVU gets three straight and UTA has to take a timeout as the Wolverines are close to tying the set.  Ellis and Vagana team up on two straight tandem blocks and then a Medeiros ace has UVU to within one.  UTA 22, UVU 21 at the timeout.  Vagana has six blocks. 

Ford's 11th kill gives UTA their first set point of the match.  24-22.  UVU gives UTA two free balls in the last rally.  Reagor missed on one shot, but killed the other to give UTA the third set win 25-22.

UVU 2, UTA 1 going into the 4th set:

Set 4:

4-4 tie early in Set 4.  UTA got a serve receive overpass kill by Tritt that UVU just let fall to the floor.

Paige Reagor, of all people, gets a line drive ace off the UVU back row and then comes right back and hits a serve into the net.  UTA has the set lead 9-7.  Brianna Brown gets UTA first to 10.

UTA clinging to a one point lead after a Brown kill is followed by a UTA service error.  UTA 12, UVU 11. Matavao serves an ace as Wells and Skinner for UTA turn and look and watch it fall on the end line.  That has us tied at 13. UTA runs the middle on free ball and Reagor gets the kill to send the set unto the media timeout with UTA up 15-13.

Kaela Kennedy and Kendra Nock team up on a block and UVU has the match tied at 15.  Tritt with a kill and then Reagor in on another UTA block gives UTA a two point lead, but then immediately after that UVU scores two points punctuated by a Shewell ace.  That makes it 17-17 and UTA calls the first timeout of the set. UVU caught in a weak offensive rotatton and UTA takes advantage pushing out two more points where Ford's 13th kill forces a UVU timeout. Tritt leads UTA with 15 kills.  UTA 19, UVU 17. UTA wins a rally where it looked like UVU had a ball down.  No challenge.  Instead, UVU takes a timeout with UTA getting to 20 first again.  Are we headed five?  Or can UVU right the ship and get the set.  They are certainly close enough to still win out.  UTA 20, UVU 18 at the timeout.

Ford with a HUGE block on Ellis and UTA has a 22-19 lead.  That's followed by a Charity Wilson error and UTA is in control 23-19.  Vagana and Ellis turn the trick on Ford and get a block  UTA 24, UVU 21.  After Shewell gets kill to momentarily get the crowd all fired up, Ford just scores on push to a wide open corner.  UTA wins Set 4 25-22 and we are going to a 5th set!

UVU 2, UTA 2.

Set 5:

Wilson with an early kill followed by a Shewell block.  Then Shewell bounces a kill off the block and UVU has an early 3-0 lead.   Only going to 15! Ellis makes it four straight with a cut shot and UTA has to call a quick timeout.  That was fast.  Could that be it?  UVU 4, UTA 0.

Shewell kill.  5-0.  UTA looks dead in the water. Another Shewell kill on a tip.  6-0 and UTA with a final timeout.  UVU just absolutely took the air out UTA's comeback. 

Ocampo for UTA finally gets UTA on the scoreboard.  Shewell, who now has 11 kills immediately answers.  It's 7-1.  Make it 8-1 at the switch after a Ellis right side kill hard off the top of the block.  I think this match is over.  UVU just got out to such a fast start here in Set 5.  Could be a runaway set.

10-3 UVU after another Shewell winner.  UVU needs just five to be our opponent tomorrow night.

A little life for UTA.  Too late?  Reagor gets a block, then a Ford back row kill has the Mavericks on a mini 3-0 run and UVU takes a timeout. UVU 11, UTA 6. Ford kill, Reagor block and now its UVU 12, UTA 8.

Kill by Nock gets UVU to within two of the match.  Service error UTA.  UVU 13, UTA 9.

Ford kill.  UVU 13, UTA 10. Service error. UVU has a first match point.

Ellis ends it and we will play UVU tomorrow night.

UVU 3, UTA 1. Final.

(3) UTRGV vs. (6) Tarleton

First Serve: 1:05 PM MT

Set 1:

Zech starts off hot for RGV with three kill in her first four swings.  RGV 4-2.  RGV with seven early kills in the set hitting .333 as a team.  An ace by Perez has the Vaqueros up 10-7. Breanna McDonough gets two straight kills and then DS Kenzie Kellerman drops in an ace and the Texans are within one.  RGV 11, Tarleton 10.

Tarleton then goes on a 4-0 run into the media time out to go up 15-13. Vaqueros committed two attack errors in a row (Zech, Key) that gave Tarleton the lead.  But, RGV goes on a 3-0 run with kills from Key and Zech and a Tarleton ball handling error mixed in.  Maldonado then commits a SECOND ball handling error and RGV regains the lead.  RGV 18, Tarleton 17 and the Texans take their first time out.

This set is going back and forth as the Texans get three in a row with a kill by Schirpik, a block by Bryant & Burke and then a left-side termination by Bryant.  RGV takes a timeout as now Tarleton is back on top.  Tarleton 20, RGV 18.

The see-saw continues.  RGV forces Tarleton to take their last timeout as the set is tied late at 22. Silva Dos Santos coming up big for the Vaqueros at the end of this set as she gets a tandem block with Emiliano and then a kill of her own to tie the set up.  

Lepescu gives RGV their first set point with a left side kill.  Then, Bryant answers back for Tarleton and the set will go to extras.  Tied at 24.  Key with a kill and the Vaqueros have another set point.  A Texan error gives the set to RGV 26-24.  Key had 5 kills and Zech 4 in the Vaqueros first set win.  Schirpik and Fitzmaurice with three errorless kills a piece to pace Tarleton.

Set 2:

Tarleton needs to get their kill leader Allison Bryant going.  She hit negative in the first set and has touched the ball 14 times, but only has two kills.  It's been a battle of left-side attackers so far in this match.  Lupescu for RGV with six kills hitting over .350 and Schirpik and Fitzmaurice without and error for Tarleton.  RGV 8, Tarleton 7.

Tight second set.  Tied at 10 after a McDonough kill for the Texans.  As the set moves to the middle portion, neither team can slow the other down.  RGV at .353 for the set and Tarleton at .288.  RGV holds a slim lead 13-12.  Claudia Lupsecu has been really impressive in this match. She has 9 kills and is hitting .412.  After Natalie Reyes posts an ace, RGV has a three point lead at the media timeout 15-12. 

The Lupescu onslaught continues and forces Tarleton into a timeout right after the media break. RGV on a 5-0 run now and the Vaqueros lead 17-12.  Time for Tarleton to fight back if they want to avoid going down two sets at the half.

RGV's offense running really smooth right now.  They lead first to 20 at 20-15.  Tarleton not serving tough enough to get the Vaqueros out of system much and RGV passing well.  Hitting .462 in the set. 

A short break in the action to take a look at RGV libero Perez.  Perez already wearing a hip wrap in this match came up a little lame in a rally.  After a short break, she seems okay and play resumes. Tarleton takes a timeout after Zech gets a kill for RGV and McDonough errors for the Texans.  RGV 22, Tarleton 17.

RGV takes control at the end of the set with a block by Giani and Key and then a Santos kill gives RGV their first set point.  After Tarleton gets a side out, RGV ends the set 25-18 with a Giani kill. RGV leads at the half 2-0. Lupescu, who has 10 kills with just one error and is hitting .450 has been the star of this match so far.

Set 3:

Tarleton grabs an early 8-4 lead after an RGV service error, Fitzmaurice kill and then a Burke ace. The Texans maintain momentum and the lead as we near the midway point of set three.  Two Vaquero errors in a row have the Texans up 11-6.  Then, RGV has to take a timeout as Fitzmaurice gets another kill and Tarleton has double up the Vaqueros 12-6 in the set. Fitzmaurice up to 7 kills and Schirpik has six errorless strikes for Tarleton. 

The Vaqueros are trying to make a comeback.  After a Lupescu kill, she then slams down an overpass and has her team within two.  Tarleton 14, RGV 12.  The Tarleton lead then evaporates completely as Maldonado errors for Tarlton and then Lupescu gets a solo block on a tight Tarleton set.  The Texans take a timeout as we are now tied in the set at 14.

Tarleton goes on a 4-0 run as Burke gets a block, then Bryant - who has played better - takes over the team lead in kills with 8, then McDonough kills a right side attack and Santos errors for RGV.  Tarleton 18, RGV 14.  Key now in double figures after two straight kills.  Texans want a timeout as RGV has crawled to within one at Tarleton 22, RGV 21.  Tarleton has led the majority of the set, but RGV trying to steal it here at the end and complete the sweep.

Bryant gets two kills and is up to 9.  Tarleton has three set points to play with.  Burke wastes no time in getting a block to cut the set lead in half.  Tarleton wins the set 25-21 and now RGV has two sets to the Texans one.

Set 4:

Tarleton grabs the early set 4 lead.  Burke got an ace to give the Texans and early two point lead.  Frank and Fitzmaurice then got a tandem block.  Giani tried to close the gap for RGV with a kill and then a Bryant return error got the Vaqueros close at Tarleton 6, RGV 5.  But Tarleton pushed back and forced Todd Lowery to send in DeAssis for the first time in the match for Nadine Zech, who is hitting .000. Two aces in a row by Tarleton libero Matti Theurer gave Tarleton a five point lead at 10-5 and the Vaqueros had to stop the action with a timeout.

Tarleton, as they have for the last several weeks, showing tons of emotion and a Bryant kill, her 10th has the Texans pumped up.  They lead 13-8 half way through the set trying to send this to five. Madison Frank has had a huge set for the Texans.  She gets her third kill of the set to go along with a block and then another ace by Tarleton, this time by Burke has Tarleton WAY up on RGV now 16-8 and threatening to run away with the set.  RGV in trouble here in Set 4.

Frank gets a solo block, her 6th total block of the match and Tarleton remains in control at 18-10.  Looks like we are going 5!  Despite Lupescu nearing 20 kills, Tarleton is content to play the side out game in this set at this point.  They lead 23-16 after a McDonough shot from the right side runs the tape and falls in.  RGV challenges the McDonough shot and they win the challenge.  Call reversed and so Tarleton has a 22-17 lead.

Tarleton trades points and then gets a Santos service error to give them set point.  They've got plenty to play with after they were in the net making the score 24-19.  A Bryant kill ends it and Tarleton takes Set 4 25-19 and has a chance at a reverse sweep.

Lupescu has 20 kills and 9 digs to be one shy of a double-double.  Key has also played well and has 14 kills.  Emiliano has 46 assists in four sets.

For Tarleton, Bryant and Fitzmaurice each have 12 kills.  Fitzmaurice is two digs shy of a double double and setter Hodges needs one dig for a double-double as well.

Set 5:

Teams trade points early on.  Neither side taking control.  Tied at 5 after Key's 16th kill for RGV. Key gets another key and Bryant errors long for Tarleton and Mary Schindler can't wait for the switch to get her team a little breather.  She wants a timeout as RGV has a 7-5 slim lead.

Giani blocks Burke and the Vaqueros have an 8-7 lead at the switch. Burke and McDonough get a block on DeAssis that followed a kill by Fitzmaurice, her team leading 14th and now Tarleton has taken the Set 5 lead.  Tarleton 10, RGV 9.  Timeout RGV.

Giani goes up for a big strike that lands close to the corner.  It's ruled in, but Tarleton wants to challenge.  The call is overturned in Tarleton's favor and Tarleton has 1n 11-9 lead.

Burke tandems with McDonough on Tarleton's 12th block of the match and they have the lead 12-10, but Perez is down on the floor hurt for RGV.  Getting trainer attention. Perez gets lifted off the floor by coach Todd Lowry and a trainer.  Hoping for the best.  She is really hurting - that's obvious.

Error by Tarleton makes it 12-11 in their favor.  This is going to the end.  

Fitzmaurice kills makes it Tarleton 13, RGV 11. Santos kill.  Tarleton 13, RGV 12.

Lupescu with a monster kill to tie the match at 13.  She has 23 kills and 9 digs.

Net violation on Tarleton that they will challenge.  Perez left quad being iced on the sideline after coming off.  RGV call stands and they have match point.  Key blocks Fitzmaurice for the RGV win and they stave off the Texans trying for a reverse sweep.  RGV wins Set 5 15-13.

Final: RGV 3, Tarleton 2.

Lupescu is the star with 23 kills.  Key had 17. Emiliano had 53 assists and Perez, who had to exit with injury posted 23 digs.

For Tarleton: Fitzmaurice had 15 kills, Bryant 12 and McDonough 10. Hodges with a double-double with 33 assists and 10 digs. Madison Frank had seven blocks.

(3) RGV will face off with (2) Grand Canyon in the semis tomorrow.  Time to get prepared for Radio!  Listen in as SFA tangles with ACU.  Start time moved to 5:12 CT.

(7) California Baptist vs. (2) Grand Canyon

First Serve: 10:03 MT

Set 1:

Early on, GCU HC Tim Nollan challenged a touch call and GCU got the point overturned when the R2 determined a back row block occurred during the rally.  GCU 3-1.  Parrott started hot getting four kills in her first five swings.  GCU 5-1.  GCU was first to 10 as Wise/Jerue trade service errors.  GCU 10-6.  The teams then played a side out game to get the score to GCU 12-8, but then Catherine Krieger got two quick kills and at the media time out the GCU lead was down to 15-13.

GCU is siding out at an 80% clip and after a ball-handling error on GCU setter Reed, GCU has a four point lead 19-15.  At times in this set, CBU has struggled to pass and has been out of system a decent amount of time.  Parrott continues her onslaught as CBU is forced into a timeout after Parrott drops in her 8th kill of the first set on a tip.  GCU 22-16.  Biggest lead for the 'Lopes in the set.

CBU comes unravelled a bit down the stretch in Set 1. The 'Lopes make only three attack errors in set 1 and the Lancers don't consistently pass well.  GCU takes the first set and wasn't pushed all that hard at any point.  25-17.  Parrott 8-0-13 (.615) and GCU doesn't make a left-side error in the set.

Set 2:

CBU shakes up the rotation to start set 2 and starts out with Brown (S), Posada (RS) and Krieger (OH) all on the floor.  CBU continues to struggle on first contract and passing and miscommunications between setters and hitters are piling up in the match.  GCU 6-2.  GCU with no aces, but they continue to force the Lancers into bad options on first touch.  CBU has to take a timeout as the 'Lopes have built an early 11-5 lead.

Half way through Set 2 and GCU is up 12-7.  Parrott does not have a kill in the set as of yet.  That can't be a good sign for the Lancers.  Rola drops in an ace for CBU after two Walewska kills and CBU has the GCU lead down to three, 12-9 'Lopes.

Krieger having a good offensive match for CBU so far (6-0-10, .600).  GCU 15-14.  The Lancers take a timeout after they commit back to back attack errors - one by Chandler and another by Jerue.  GCU up 18-14.   CBU needs to keep testing Parrott in serve receive.  She hasn't passed to many really clean balls in this match.  GCU constantly playing from four to five points behind.  After a Mauser error, GCU is first to 20.  GCU 20-15.

Jerue is aced by Bella Anderson of GCU and CBU is letting the second set slip way.  22-15 GCU.  Anderson on a strong service hold.  GCU ends the set on a 7-0 run on really strong serving.  GCU has a two set lead and wins Set 2 25-15.  For the second straight set, CBU fades down the stretch.

At the half, Grand Canyon is hitting .400.  That combined with the Lancers inability to run their offense has spelled trouble so far.

Set 3:

Zany start to Set 3 as Chandler Gorman clearly hit a ball into the tape creating four touches for CBU, but it wasn't called.  Then, Parrott gets an assist on a crazy back set to give GCU at 5-2 lead.  Attack errors really mounting for the Lancers.  They have 14 and GCU only with 5 in the match so far.  After a challenge goes CBU's way, Grand Canyon's lead is two at 6-4.  After Parrott's 13th kill and a Gkiourda ace, GCU has a 9-5 lead. Uhlenhop adds a kill and the Lancers want their first time out down by five.

CBU looks done after another Parrott kill, this time from the back row and then a back-row attack after a poor CBU pass.  Grand Canyon's lead already six in the set, half way through at 12-6.  Parrott and Lifgren only have one attack error each as GCU continues to control the momentum up 13-8.  CBU really struggling now on offense.  After back to back errors by Rola and Posada, CBU takes a timeout with GCU up six, 15-9.  The Lancers are all the way down to .129 hitting now for the match.  GCU hitting a blazing .421.

The Lancers really haven't been able to get Michalina Rola going in this match.  She's hitting negative as Parrott continues to roll.  She gets her 15th kill and needs three digs for a double double with GCU up 17-11.  

Grand Canyon really hasn't been pressured in the match at all.  CBU got the 2nd set to one point a few times, but GCU has always had the answer.  They look like they are going to cruise to a quarterfinal win.  Up now 21-13 and Set 3 looks in control.  Just a few more points and the 'Lopes will have their sweep.

GCU getting in some subs now.. Frey in at OH, Reed in at MB and Schmitt in to serve as DS.  Tim Nolan using the blowout as a chance to get some bench players some PT.  GCU 22, CBU 16.  

Putting in the subs backfires a bit and Nolan has to return Parrott to the floor.  Reed called for net violation after a Frey error gets CBU to within two.  An ace by Rola and now the lead is down to one.  Parrott answers will kill number 16 and GCU pushed back out 23-21.  Parrott gets her final kill, her 17th and then an error by Posada gets GCU set 3 25-22.

Final:  GCU 3, CBU 0.  GCU advances to play the winner of UTRGV/Tarleton in the semis.

Parrott hit .593 and GCU as a team hit .366.  CBU led by Krieger with nine errorless kills while hitting .667, Mauser chipped in 8 kills.