Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Travel Diary For September 7 to Flagstaff, AZ

10:09 PM PT  OK, that's a wrap.  Final prep sheets for broadcasts done for tomorrow.  I'll study a little bit more during the day, but the player sheets are done.  It's past midnight back in Texas and it's time for me to go to bed.  I'm feeling really confident that #800 for Coach Humphreys is happening tomorrow.  I've got a post ready to go tomorrow night when she gets it.  Let's hope it's 801 by this time tomorrow.  For those that read in this space, I hope it connected you to what our (long!) travel day was like today!  Axe 'Em!

9:12 PM PT  Spotting sheets for early match against Boise State complete.  One more round to go and we'll call it a night.  Time for caffeine as now I need to finish all match notes for the call against Northern Arizona. So far, it's been a 17 hour day with a nap squeezed in there for about 90 minutes.

8:17 PM PT  Back at the hotel after Arizona St sweeps Northern Arizona - who barely put up a fight.  All three of the set scores were very lopsided - a very quick match.  Everyone is in for the night and it is now past 10 PM "Texas" time, so most of the players are out of the lobby and ending their day.  Some of us will stay up to work on various things - myself included.  It's been a very long day, obviously, but I've still got an hour or more to work on spotting sheets for the matches tomorrow.  The long travel day continues!

7:40 PM PT   Club left to go back to the hotel with Arizona St up 2-0 at the half.   Madi, Evan and I stayed behind to watch the rest of the match

6:55 PM PT  The club is in the gym to scout a little at the Northern Arizona / Arizona St match.   First set was uncompetitive as Arizona St rolled to a 25-11 win.  Originally the gals were scheduled to only stay for one set but that one was so fast that they’ll stay and watch a little more

6:26 PM PT  Mongolian stir fry for dinner was a HUGE hit.  Everyone loved it.  All you can eat and we all did some damage.  on to the gym for scout

4:53 PM PT  Power Nap complete. Let’s see if that gets me thru the evening.  Bus leaving for dinner at 5:00 PM PT

3:24 PM PT  Free time until leaving for dinner at 5:00 PM PT

3:15 PM PT  Moving from walk throughs - which were done in a hotel hall - to the meeting room for going over notes

2:53 PM PT  Check in at hotel complete.  Going down to meeting room for walk throughs

2:29 PM PT  Two hour practice done. Loading up to check into hotel, then a few walk throughs and downtime during the late afternoon. I feel a Power Nap coming on.  Tons of prep still for me to do for broadcast tomorrow but I may need to rest and hit that late tonight   

12:30 PM PT We have arrived on campus in the Rolle Center for practice

12:07 PM PT  Terrain change as we’ve gone from cactus and desert to pine trees and forests during the two hour drive that’s seen us climb in elevation quite a bit   Just a few more miles to Flagstaff.  We’re headed straight to the gym   I mean, why waste any time?

10:16 AM PT  We hit up a sandwich shop near the airport called Shortys.  Delicious.  Great sandwiches and now we are fueled up to head to Flagstaff.

9:41 AM PT  With a little walking back and forth we got to the correct side of baggage claim to find our charter.  All accounted for and on the bus! 🚌 

9:29 AM PT  Gotta hit up baggage claim for our medical bags that were checked before finding our charter bus 

9:09 AM PT  Ya know… it takes a long time to get off a plane when your seat is like five rows from the back. 🤷‍♂️

8:54 AM PT  On the ground in Phoenix.  Feels like it’s time for lunch and it’s not even 9 AM  🙁


9:19 AM  Airborne.  Flight is off to a good start as my TMobile cell plan scores me free wifi with streaming on the flight.  Aisle seat.  No middle (blocker) seat next to me.   Free tunes.  The life, man.   The broadcaster life.  

8:49 AM  Sitting on the runway   Ugh.  Just parked waiting for our turn.

8:28 AM  We are all on board and ready to pull back from the gate.  Got an aisle seat with no middle seat passenger next to me! Score!!

7:29 AM  We are all arriving at the gate   Some of the gals looking for the nearest Starbucks and other associated coffee or snack shops.  Smooth sailing and at the gate with plenty of time before boarding

7:18 AM  Moving through security and headed to the gate  all smooth so far.   Less activity in airport this early   

7:01 AM  Bus drops us off at the terminal and we head to kiosks to print boarding passes and then on to security 

6:18 AM  Loading up.  Checking out.   Everyone headed for the bus in the dark.

6:08 AM  The hotel opened breakfast for us early   That was cool   Now everyone can get proper fuel before heading to the airport 

5:50 AM  Per usual, Associate Head Coach Evan Amstutz is first to rise as when I got to the hotel lobby he was already downstairs working.  We leave in 20 minutes for the airport and the players are using every minute - the first ones just now trickling down with their things.

11:37 PM Wednesday - Yeah, I am still awake.  Night owl.  Hours ago, the club got back from a late BBQ run for our postgame meal after that insane five set win at North Texas.  Just loaded up today's interviews on Twitter(X) and am 95% done with my "Debbie Humphreys 800th career win post", which I hope I get to load in this space on Friday night.

Follow along on Thursday the 7th as we travel to Flagstaff.  I'll keep you up to date on every move the club makes all day long right here in this running hour-by-hour post.  

Bus leaves the hotel in Denton for the airport at 6:15 AM tomorrow morning!