Thursday, November 15, 2018

Links to Interviews: 2018 Southland Conference Tournament

This page will house all the links to all of the audio and video interviews done during the 2018 Southland Conference Tournament.  Each day there will be conversations with coaches and players as they prepare for and react to the matches of the day.  Keep up by following on Twitter as announcements are regularly made there about upcoming interviews and features.

Click the names below to go to our YouTube Channel for VIDEO interviews or SoundCloud site for AUDIO recordings.

Sunday, November 18

AUDIO: Anyia Williams [All-Tournament], SFA
AUDIO: Makenzee Hanna [All-Tournament], SFA
AUDIO: Danae Daron [MVP], SFA
AUDIO: Debbie Humphreys, SFA

Saturday, November 17

VIDEO:  Samantha Anderson, UCA 
VIDEO:  Makenzee Hanna, SFA 
AUDIO:  Haley Tippett, UCA 
AUDIO:  Debbie Humphreys, SFA 

Friday, November 16

VIDEO:  Danae Daron, SFA 
VIDEO:  Kellen Dunn, UCA 
AUDIO:  Ashley Lewis, SHSU 
AUDIO:  Megan Patillo, HBU
AUDIO: Angela Mooney, ACU
AUDIO:  Debbie Humphreys, SFA

Thursday, November 15

VIDEO:  Taylor Cunningham, Sam Houston 
AUDIO:  Mikayla Vivens & Trent Herman, HBU 
AUDIO:  Hannah Brister & Sean Kiracofe, NSU
AUDIO:  Keegan Nelms & Ashleigh Fitzgerald, McNeese