Friday, September 21, 2018

2018 SLC Interviews Begin with Haley Tippett of Central Arkansas

As always, we will feature opponent interviews here at the blog all season long.  When visiting Southland Conference teams come to Nacogdoches or I go out on the road with the club, I'll occasionally schedule chats with opposing coaches and players.  We usually get between a half-dozen to 10 of these done every season.

This years' Southland Conference Volleyball interviews start with senior outside hitter Haley Tippett of Central Arkansas.  Click Here to watch the video

Here's the question list for the chat:

1. This is your senior year.  Has it hit you yet or are you trying not to think about this being the final season in college?

2. There are four additional seniors on the team.  What are your memories of playing with this cohort the last several years?

3. Describe the process of being recruited to originally play at Stetson.  What pulled you back to Central Arkansas after being there for a year?  You played with another athlete, Madi Fitzsimmons, who spent some time in the Southland with TAMUCC.  What was that like?  Did you know her before you each got to Florida?

4. You are known for playing with passion.  Your on court disposition is fiery.  Have you always been that way?  As you've grown as a player at UCA, have you been able to harness that emotion for the better as you've become older?

5.  You wore uniform #1 at Stetson as well as at UCA.  Does that jersey number have any special meaning to you?

6.  What was it like to travel to play #10 USC in the NCAA tournament last year? Describe walking out onto the court and the experiences of having that opportunity.

7.  Do you sense anything different about this 2018 club as opposed to the team in 2017?  What in your mind will it take to have a repeat performance of last years' successes?