Saturday, August 18, 2018

2018 Senior Interview: Makenzee Hanna

Last week I was able to shoot about 15 minutes of video with each of Makenzee Hanna and McKenzie Brewer.  The first video posted at our YouTube Channel focuses on Mak. We get a lot of discussion in on what it took for her to accomplish her breakout season in 2017.  Next week, senior outside hitters Peyton Redmond and Haley Coleman will chat with me and put a bow on the 2018 Senior Interviews.  Look for Brew's video to be posted on Sunday evening.

I get into this briefly in the interview with Mak, but I want to repeat it here.  I've always been impressed with how intentional Makenzee is with acknowledging the work that those of us on the sidelines are involved in.  There have been days when I've slinked into the gym before a match after having a bad day in the classroom.  In those times, I'm trying to find my groove for a broadcast and put something tough aside. When you've having those type days just the simple gesture of a hello or greeting by someone else can pick you up.

Mak is often the first person to say 'hi' in the gym or come up and start a conversation when we are all standing around on the road.  Little things that show she values the inclusion of media personnel, trainers, managers, athletics office staff, etc.. really give you a window to the quality individual that she is.  I've always appreciated her making me feel valued because well....really that's what I'm trying to do... make players and coaches feel valued.

It doesn't cost anything to just "be nice" and "say hello to people".  I'm not always good at it.  Makenzee Hanna is. 

Check out our conversation at this link.