Thursday, November 16, 2017

Links to Interviews Done During 2017 SLC Tournament

This page will be updated as new interviews are posted and scheduled throughout the 2017 Southland Conference Volleyball Tournament

Sunday, November 10

VIDEO:  Elizabeth Armstrong, Central Arkansas (Tournament MVP)
VIDEO:  Jeni Jones Chatman, Central Arkansas

AUDIO:  Samantha Anderson, Central Arkansas
AUDIO:  Abbie Harry, Central Arkansas
AUDIO:  Megan Nash, Central Arkansas

Saturday, November 18

VIDEO:  Jeni Jones Chatman, Central Arkansas
VIDEO:  Jacey Smith, Abilene Christian

AUDIO: Corrine Grandcolas, Abilene Christian
AUDIO: Angela Mooney, Abilene Christian
AUDIO: Haley Tippett, Central Arkansas

Friday, November 17

VIDEO:  Madeleine Doud, Texas A&M - Corpus Christi
VIDEO:  Savanah Allen, Central Arkansas
VIDEO:  Lorin McNeil, Abilene Christian

AUDIO:  Haley Tippett, Central Arkansas
AUDIO:  Trent Herman, Houston Baptist
AUDIO:  Angela Mooney, Abilene Christian

Thursday, November 16:

VIDEO:  Channing Burleson, Northwestern State
VIDEO:  Samantha Anderson, Central Arkansas

AUDIO:  Shanna Spree, McNeese
AUDIO:  Hannah Brister, Northwestern State
AUDIO:  Jeni Jones Chatman, Central Arkansas