Saturday, November 19, 2016

Conplete List & Links to All 2016 Southland Conference Tournament Interviews

Below are links to SoundCloud Audio Files and YouTube Videos for all interviews done during the 2016 Southland Conference Tournament.  This list will be periodically updated Saturday and Sunday.


Steve Greene (TAMUCC) [Thursday Night Team Meal]
Brittany Gilpin (TAMUCC) [Thursday Night Team Meal]
Justice Walker (SFA) [Friday, Post-Match]
Megan Nash (UCA) [Friday: Post-Match]
Samantha Anderson (UCA) [Friday: Post-Match]
Kristyn Nicholson (TAMUCC) [Saturday, Post-Match]
Steve Greene (TAMUCC) [Saturday, Post-Match]

MVP Brittany Gilpin (TAMUCC) [Sunday, Post-Match]


Debbie Humphreys (SFA) [Friday, Pre-Match]
Taylor Cunningham (SHSU) [Friday, Post-Match]
Jeni Jones Chatman (UCA) [Friday, Post-Match]
Ann Hollas (SFA) [Saturday, Pre-Match]
Kate Klepetka (TAMUCC) [Saturday, Pre-Match]
Morgan Carlson (TAMUCC) [Saturday, Pre-Match]
Brenda Gray (SHSU) [Saturday, Post-Match]
Kristyn Nicholson & Madeleine Doud (TAMUCC) [Sunday, Post-Match]
Kate Klepetka (TAMUCC) [Sunday, Post-Match]
Erin Mulcahey (TAMUCC) [Sunday, Post-Match]
Brenda Gray (SHSU) [Sunday, Post-Match]