Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Shine The Light On: Juniors

This week as we prepare for ULM on Wednesday in Shelton Gym and then the Louisiana Tech Tournament in Ruston, we will shine the light on the large junior class so central to SFA's success this season.

We will get started with an interview with "ball control" outside hitter Madison Martin.  You can watch the interview here.  I'll let you in on a little secret.  Madison didn't know we were going to do a "video" interview and was concerned how this would turn out.  As you'll see, just like digging up balls on the back row, she was a pro.. this interview actually turned out to be one of the best we've had.  Thanks so much to Madison, who I hadn't had the pleasure of doing an interview with before, for her time and great answers.

The long awaited "post" with capsules on all the juniors will appear this week and then on Friday.. drum roll, please... we'll have another video interview with Junior OH Keeley Kainer.  Now, this was an interview I had really been anxious to do since Keeley has stepped in and played so well from pre-season scrimmages to the first handful of matches in 2014.  Since we play on Wednesday and again on Friday, you will want to watch Keeley's interview on Friday to get prepped for the UNO match later that day.

As we did in Arkansas, all of SFA's matches in Ruston are scheduled to be broadcast on SFA VolleyBlog radio.

So, lots of good stuff for you this week:  two video interviews (at least), three broadcasts, one post on all the Juniors, and audio interviews after some or all of the Ruston matches.  As always, SFA VolleyBlog is Ladyjack Volleyball's Strongest Presence on the 'Net.   Radio. Video. Audio. Posts.  No one covers their team like SFA Athletics and www.sfavolleyblog.net