Sunday, August 24, 2014

Focus On: Jill Ivy

When people prepare to play SFA, one of the first names they become familiar with is Jill Ivy. She is as key to team success as anyone in 2014. At this point, Jill is a decorated veteran having earned many all-conference and all-tournament honors during her first three years in purple.

In recent memory, I struggle to remember a player who improved as much as Jill did after her freshman year. During Jill's first year, I recall talking to the parents of a player who is no longer at SFA at a Saturday cookout before a match.  The focus of the conversation were the 2011 freshman and what their projected impact would be across their four years at SFA. During the chat with the parents, I was gushing about Katzy Randall.  One of the parents mentioned Jill's name as a possible big-time contributor as she gained experience. Now, while appreciative of Jill's abilities, it's safe to say that in 2011, I vastly under predicted the total impact she has had at SFA the last three years. I walked away from that conversation and just sort of shrugged my shoulders.

Now, if Randall's shoulder had held up, I might have been right.  But, one thing is for sure.  Jill Ivy is one of the best players in the Southland Conference.  It doesn't take five minute analysis over a chili dog at a game day party to know that.  Everyone. Knows. It.

Leading up to the first serve of the season we will follow the schedule below.  Each day will feature a new interview or post! Volleyball is back.  It's time to Get On Board.

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Monday:  Interview with Jill Ivy 

Tuesday:  Interview with Paige Holland

Wednesday:  Interview with Janet Hill

Thursday:  Preview of our seven Juniors:  Allen, Bates, Evans, Kainer, McArdle, Martin & Olson