Monday, October 14, 2013

Interview with McNeese Head Coach Terry Gamble

Today we continue talking to folks from around the Southland Conference and this feature is on McNeese head coach Terry Gamble.  SLC Volleyball fans not familiar with Coach Gamble's resume need to go poke around on McNeese's website and look at all the accolades he's racked up through the years in the junior college ranks.

As I've talked with other players and coaches around the league, Coach Gamble's name has come up a couple of times as someone who would make for a great chat.  Sure enough, we had a blast talking about the system of volleyball he likes to employ, how important it has been to have all of his own recruits in house now, how young his current squad is as well as other facets of what it takes to build a successful volleyball program.

Hit the link below to take a listen to the conversation with Coach Gamble.  All of us here in Nacogdoches could clearly tell that the McNeese squad is much improved in 2013.  The match last Saturday truly could have fallen on either side of the ledger.  Hopefully, we'll get to catch up with the Cowgirls and Coach Gamble again in Corpus Christi in November.

Let me take the time here in this space to say that we will have a live chat room going here at the blog for this Saturday's match in Houston against HBU.  I'll look to do another interview while in H-town and post that here some time next week.  During this interview, you'll here me allude to a piece I wrote last year on freshman in the SLC .  It is about time to follow up on that article with this years' impact Freshman and see whether or not those identified last year have followed up well on their first year.  A post in that direction is in the works for later this week.

The 'Jacks leave for Corpus Christi for the first time this year early Wednesday morning.   A tough road test against the Islanders awaits.  Make sure you listen to the interview with Coach Gamble, read up on this week's mid-week post and then join me for a live chat on Saturday at 1 PM when SFA takes on the Huskies of HBU.

Axe' Em!

Click Here to listen to the Interview w/ McNeese Head Coach Terry Gamble