Saturday, August 31, 2013

Interview with RS Jill Ivy and MB Jacque Allen

I want to let everyone who makes their way over here this weekend know that on Monday (Labor Day), I'll meet up with the 'Jacks in Monroe, LA as SFA takes on the ULM Warkawks in a non-conference showdown.  I'll have a chat window set up right here in the very space you are reading now and you can follow along and comment on the match as I Cover-it-Live.

We've done these live chat rooms for several seasons now at selected road games and I'm committed to offering fans the chance to interact during these selected matches.  So, if you can't cheer on the 'Jacks in person then you can experience the next best thing to being there.  Plus, even if you are at the match, you can join in on the chat using your smart phone.

In addition to the interview with Jill & Jacque below, this weekend will bring you a post concerning five questions I'm pondering about the 2013 SFA Volleyball squad.  Since this is Season V here at the blog, I've identified five key questions for fans to ponder as we get started with our season.  I think how these five issues play out over the year will to some degree determine the level of success the club achieves. After you read the five questions and my attempts at answering them, then you might have your own viewpoint you'd like to share in the comments.  Readers are always encouraged to submit their own opinions.  I'm always available by email ( as well if you'd like to sound off or just chat about the Ladyjacks and/or Southland Conference Volleyball.

Check out the interview at the link below.  Jill, Jacque and I discuss a variety of topics concerning blocking, both team and individual goals for the 2013 season and Jill tells us why the current teams is a step above the 22-win squad from last year. 

Plus, have you ever wondered who the team prankster is?  How about the best dancer?  Who's the biggest bookworm or neat freak on the club?  All those answers are contained in the interview that brings you closer to your 2013 Ladyjack Volleyball team.  That's always our goal... because we are SFA Volleyball's Strongest Presence on the 'Net.

Click Here to Listen to the Interview with Jill Ivy & Jacque Allen