Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Most Epic Music Video Ever

Ok, I don't normally re-post stuff.  Geez, I barely "retweet" anything on twitter.  But, this?  This has to be shared.  I gotta do my part to help this go viral, 'cause this.. well, this is just pure awesomeness.  Awesomeness isn't a word?  Well, it is after this video.

Forget all that actual volleyball tournament serious analysis junk I posted up here last night.  Just go watch this video.  The stars of the show are Keeley Kainer, Les Jackson, Amanda Rister & Paige Holland... along with the apparent ringleader of this escapade.. the incomparable Laiken Britt.

You will never.. and I mean NEVER, hear the song "I Believe In a Thing Called Love" by The Darkness and not have your memory seared forever by what you are about to witness.  I've warned you... this is pure incredibleness.  Not a word?  Pssssst.  Haven't we covered that grammar is out the window once you watch this?

Just... just.. just... hit the link:

I Believe in a Thing Called Love.. SFA VB Style