Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Depth Charts Posted, Version 1.0

With conference play just around the corner, I have put up a link to the 2012 Southland Conference Depth Charts.  You'll see the link in the red side bar over on the right side of the page.

A brief word about this file:  I know of no other place where you can see all of the Southland Conference rosters in one place.  You can hop around to all the websites and get the complete rosters, but the depth charts give you more than that.  These files are intended to be indicative of player usage at all 10 conference schools.  They are broken up into Probable Starters, Key Players off the Bench, Players Occasionally Used and those Deep on the Bench.  I will update them weekly as I look over box scores from each weeks' games.   When you click on the file (it is an Excel file) for the first time, I encourage you to read the tab that is labelled "Disclaimer".

In subsequent versions, I will add a lot more to the notes columns including particular honors or specialized player usages that I notice from the play by plays or from talking to coaches or team representatives directly.  Which brings me to an important point:  If you are a reader from another school and you have information that can help make these charts more accurate, then please drop me a line at  I am always happy to have other sets of eyes out there looking for things that can help us all.

So, if you are a parent looking to scout an upcoming opponent, the depth charts will allow you to quickly ascertain the key players in the key positions on that particular team.  If you work for one of the schools, and you've forgotten who the setter for say... uh... Oral Roberts is.. .then the depth charts will quickly tell you that she is Laura Taylor.  If you want the list of all the middle blockers in the conference.. just open one file and skip from tab to tab.. they are all there.  If you want to quickly figure out how many freshman starting liberos the conference currently has.. then just open one file and scroll from tab to tab and in less than a minute you have that the answer is zero.

Finally, two things:  1) If there is some information you would like added to the depth charts then please email me - I aim to please around here.  2) These depth charts will be permanent and going into next year, I will update them as signings occur around the conference.  So, As SLC teams formally announce signings for 2013, I will add those girls names to the depth charts.  That way, you will have in one place all the announced signings for the entire conference - all in one file!  This is going to be awesome!

At any rate, have fun checking out the lists.. every player in the Southland.. listed in one file.  Pretty nifty!

Also, Allison Gideon's Trek-X blog from Nashville now has a link in the "Related Links" section.  She is off to a great start in her missionary training and has even got a "volleyball' related job this semester!  Check it out and follow along with her training and journey.

Conference play starts Friday!  Hoping to interview Senior Middle Blocker Sabrina Burns tomorrow and share that with you on Friday morning before the tournament begins.