Monday, October 17, 2011

UTA Postgame & Exhibit A

I'm sorry this post is a little late. I haven't felt too good the last couple of days - sinus infection & head cold. You can hear it a little bit in the interview below! After the match against UTA (which was AWESOME by the way), I got a brief conversation in with Katzy Randall and Leslie Jackson. You can hear their comments below.

I want to thank the many people that commented on the post from last week. I got a handful of emails and had several conversations at Shelton Gym during the week about the points that were being made. The response was overwhelmingly positive to what I was attempting to communicate. Some were concerned that I'd get a negative backlash from it. I did not - and I didn't expect to when I penned the article. People that know me well are aware of where my allegiances lie. I all but bleed SFA Volleyball at times. Constructive - and I think, relatively light - criticism is natural in sports (and in academics -my "real world"). When the balance of all my words written in these spots is evaluated, it is definitively shaded to the extreme positive. I can rest comfortably knowing the truth in that.

I heard from coaches around the league, parents (both ours and from other clubs) and yes, I discussed the post with some of our own coaches. Some of their comments really made me feel good about what I am trying to do in this space.

In case anyone is still confused as to what my motivation was... I present to you Exhibit A below.

In the interview with Randall & Jackson, you hear Les talk about Houston Baptist possibly being interested in our conference. This serves as a perfect segue to the next post which will appear in the next day or two about the upcoming conference realignment. This post about possible replacements for UTA, UTSA and Texas State will appear in lieu of SLC5 this week.

Be in Shelton Gym on Wednesday at 6:30 as we take on HBU and again on Saturday as we square off with Nicholls at 1:00.

Postgame with Katzy Randall & Leslie Jackson:

Exhibit A to go along with post of 10/9: