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Monday, October 12, 2009

Sickness and Southland Schizophrenia

All right, what in the world is going on? First off - everybody is sick. Raise your hand if you haven't had some form of the cooties over the last month? That's what I thought. What is up with that?

I thought I was getting better. I really did. Two shots - the location of which will not be revealed here, but let's just say - in a fleshy part of one's body - coupled with a five day Z-pac and a prescription cough medicine later says that I am still on the mend. I haven't missed a day on the mic in four years as our PA announcer, but I am tellin' ya that if we had played at home last Sunday one of you would've been doing the intros.

So, this entry is going to be short. It's just proof that I can still type.

The focus today is succinct: This conference is schizophrenic. Let's recap the first third of conference play shall we?

Sam Houston beats Lamar at a tourney, but then Lamar gets them back in Beaumont
UTSA loses to Sam Houston, but beats Lamar
UTSA also loses to UT-Arlington
Texas State loses to SHSU and Lamar

SFA has UCA on the ropes, can't finish the deal, can't win a five-set match if they were threatened with shots with long needles in the butt (oops!), then loses to Nicholls State. What the H-E-double hockey sticks?

Oh yeah, Nicholls - two weeks earlier had been blasted by Southeastern Louisiana...at home! For what it's worth Nicholls also swept McNeese - a team earlier in the year was looking pretty strong.

Got all that?

This conference is messed up.

With one exception. Central Arkansas continues to roll. Well, we'll see about that. Wednesday they are in San Marcos. That should be one to keep our eyes on.

But, what else? Is Sam Houston really this good? They've already got wins over Lamar, Texas State and UTSA. Let's not forget that they are doing this with a freshman setter in place of injured Kym Loving and without the services of their freshman recruit Kelli Stewart who was headed for a meaningful role on the club before her own injury.

Plain and simple: Anna Ferguson and Carli Kolbe are beasts. I still think they are underrated despite each getting a fair amount of attention this year (Ferguson is the reigning offensive SLC POTL and Kolbe won it the week before)

Finally, what about us? Well, you read the last post, right? Next SLC games: Home against UTSA, at Sam Houston (planning to be there), at Lamar (would LOVE to be there but can't, sorry Gibert) and then home against Texas State. Of course, I need not say more. So, I won't. Time to rest.

Well...I will say this since the match finished while I was writing: Ashley Bailey with 10 rejections of Islanders' shots tonight. Yeah, she's good. Oh, and the winner of "my shoulder is most likely to fall off before the end of the year": Emma Ridley of TAMUCC. My goodness? Do they set anyone else?

Regular posts to resume soon. Some interviews with veterans, showcasing the Assistant Coaches and honoring Debbie Humphreys on her upcoming 5ooth career win are all coming up!

1 comment:

  1. Well, here is what a coach, or at least I do, at 3:17am during season when I hardly ever sleep much. One of the unfortunate parts of being a coach and constantly thinking about volleyball all the time. Now everyone knows how I know the other team and gameplan inside and out everytime Lamar hits the floor, thinking about it 24/7... literally.

    Sam comment. They have limited talent and have played teams with overall greater talent but put up wins with sheer desire. I think they play harder from whistle to whistle than any team we have faced and that is a credit to Brenda Gray. Kolbe and Ferguson are very good as well and both hit a very heavy ball. I don't have anyone that can hit the ball that hard and I don't think SFA does either. That plays a lot into your favor when you have that kind of physicality. When in doubt, knock the crap out of it! The dangers of having a team almost entirely based on two players is that if one of them has an off night against a solid team, then you rack up a loss. Sam has been able to sustain it so far and the dangers on the other side for everyone else are if they continue to win, then the other players can have time to up their contributions and make the team more balanced.

    My predictions early right after we split with them was that they would eventually pick up another loss because of the one dimensional nature of their team, or should I say "two" dimensional nature of their team. Actually they have continued to win more than I thought so props to them. Overall, never underestimate someone that is willing to play that hard.

    I also just today saw the Nicholls/SFA match on film. Ouch. Well, we plan on bringing Nicholls back down to earth tomorrow at our place. They are definately playing the best volleyball I have seen Nicholls play in the last 4 or 5 years and can be very dangerous if allowed to run that super quick offense. SFA had a hard time denying them those offensive opportunities and hence the good performance by the Lady Colonels. It just goes to show you that you have to be mentally prepared to kill the other team everytime you get on the floor. If we have that "shark in the water" mentality, then we should do well, if not, we will struggle also. I'll let you know how it comes out.

    Finally, I wanted to say... please get this 500 win thing out of your system before you come to Lamar! We don't need Stephen F. having any extra incentive when you come to our place.


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