Friday, September 4, 2009

All is Mel in Springfield

Talk about stepping up. Outside Hitter Kelsey Owens goes down - the very player I've tabbed as one of the major keys to our success - and what happens? Melissa Miksch decides to take over. Wow. I am loving it. Let's check out Miksch's last three games... all in three days time mind you:

Wednesday against ULL: 18 digs (career high which didn't even last 48 hours)

Friday morning against Mississippi State: A double-double on 11 kills and a match high/new career high 23 digs.

So what do we do for an encore?

Friday afternoon against Memphis: ANOTHER double-double on 12 kills, 14 digs.. and oh yeah... we'll just go ahead at hit a ridiculous .550 (12-1-20) while we are at it.

It is non debatable that Miksch has just had her best three days as a 'Jack. The fact that she and Arielle Daron are stepping up in Kelsey's absence is a tremendous sign. Fellow blogger Ben Rikard pointed out earlier this season that in a conversation with Coach Debbie Humphreys that Miksch was singled out as possibly the most improved player on the squad from last year. Based on what I have seen in a half-dozen or so practices I've attended told me that Daron might possibly deserve that label. Hey, there is room for everyone to be right here. To know that Mel and Ari can play like they have lately is a fantastic sign so early in the season.

No KO? Well, we want you back soon for sure. But for worries.. all is Mel.

The Ladyjacks take down the SEC's Mississippi State 3-1 and then sweep Conference USA's Memphis. Tomorrow's scheduled victims are UC-Davis and host Missouri State.